Tokyo Revengers Season 1


Episode 1 Reborn


Episode 2 Resist


Episode 3 Resolve


Episode 4 Return


Episode 5 Releap


Episode 6 Regret


Episode 7 Revive


Episode 8 Rechange


Episode 9 Revolt


Episode 10 Rerise


Episode 11 Respect


Episode 12 Revenge

Odds and Ends

Episode 13 Odds and Ends

Break up

Episode 14 Break up

No Pain, No Gain

Episode 15 No Pain, No Gain

Once upon a time

Episode 16 Once upon a time

No way

Episode 17 No way

Open Fire

Episode 18 Open Fire

Turn around

Episode 19 Turn around

Dead or Alive

Episode 20 Dead or Alive

One and only

Episode 21 One and only

One for all

Episode 22 One for all

End of war

Episode 23 End of war

A Cry Baby

Episode 24 A Cry Baby

It Is What It Is

Episode 25 It Is What It Is

Gotta Go

Episode 26 Gotta Go

Stand Alone

Episode 27 Stand Alone

Family Bonds

Episode 28 Family Bonds

Christmas Eve

Episode 29 Christmas Eve

Whip Up Morale

Episode 30 Whip Up Morale

Sibling Rivalry

Episode 31 Sibling Rivalry

Strive Together

Episode 32 Strive Together

Dawning of a New Era

Episode 33 Dawning of a New Era

The Light of My Life

Episode 34 The Light of My Life

On My Way Home

Episode 35 On My Way Home

Last Order

Episode 36 Last Order

Tokyo Revengers Season 1 poster

Tokyo Revengers Season 1

HD 8.5 min
Tokyo Revengers is a TV series starring A.J. Beckles, Lizzie Freeman, and Will Choi. A middle-aged loser travels in time to his school years and in order to save the love of his life from future doom, he must become the leader of a...

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